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Including a series of 4 Video Classes and digital asset bundle, Zen Leads will empower you to create and set up a Lead Magnet from the initial idea to the delivery. 

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I know your time is valuable, so I promise not to waste it.

You were told that to market your business online, you needed to build a list first by offering lead magnets and then be able to make offers.  At least, that’s what I learnt 10 years ago when I started marketing my Wellness Business online.

THE PROBLEM? I had absolutely no idea what was a lead magnet, how to design it and how to deliver it. 

Let me tell you what’s a lead magnet… You know when you land on a webpage and there’s a box asking you to give your name and email in exchange of a gift? That’s a Lead Magnet. We also call it a Freebie (if it’s free!).

It’s a similar process when you sign up to a paying offer and it gets delivered into your inbox… Well, to me the technicalities of that process used to be a mystery… After all, my zone of genius was to give massage, I wasn’t a tech person!!!

So I decided to ask someone else to do it for me, a Virtual Assistant – but as great as she was, I had no control over the whole process so I had to ask her every time I needed to set up a new Lead Magnet, which would take time (because she was very busy) and ended up being very costly…

That’s why I finally took the decision to learn how to do it myself, even though I was NOT techy at all, in fact, I REALLY had no clue how a computer even worked!

I went onto YouTube to find the solution but no matter how many tutorials I followed and googling I did, I kept getting stuck at some point with nobody I could ask for support, which felt very lonely, and SOOO frustrating… 

Maybe you feel the same way?

  • Maybe you’ve already given up on the idea because you really don’t know where to start
  • Maybe you believe you’ll never be able to set up your own lead magnet sequence because you too struggle with technology
  • Maybe you feel it would take you far too long to learn how to do it and you really don’t have the time – or the money

After trying many “solutions” to set up my own lead magnet, I started procrastinating because I felt overwhelmed with all the theory + all the different tools that are on the market and almost gave up on the idea…

Until one day when I had a breakthrough and figured out a simple system to set up and deliver my Lead Magnets…

So let me tell you this: 

✔️ There IS A WAY to design your own Lead Magnets and finally be in control (because who wants to waste time and money asking someone else to do it for you?)

✔️ There IS A WAY to design them easily, even with zero tech skills (because who wants to learn coding?)

✔️ There IS A WAY to do it in just a weekend or less (because who has weeks or months to dedicate to learning this skill?)

✔️ There IS A WAY  to push through overwhelm & procrastination and have it DONE (because enough already!)

After designing several freebies and paid lead magnets, people started asking me for help, so that’s when I decided to offer this course to help other entrepreneurs get the same results easily – even with no tech skills and a low budget. 


Take a deep breath and follow the steps to design and set up your own Lead Magnet, in a weekend or less.

The perfect system for non-techy Entrepreneurs who are ready to build up their email list!

You’re going to learn how to:

  • Design a beautiful Lead Magnet from scratch (perfect if you don’t know where to start)
  • Craft a simple landing page that converts (and have fun doing it)
  • Use an autoresponder (a what?)
  • Plug your product into your website (if you have one) and your social media channels to advertise it (even if you struggle with technology!)
  • Get your Lead Magnet delivered effortlessly (so that you can save time and money)
  • Learn all that from the comfort of your own home (and get support if you need it!)


This is NOT another online course with a lot of theory that will end up never used. It’s a PRACTICAL course and I want YOU to take action…

I show you how to create and deliver your Lead Magnet from start to finish – step by step – to make sure that you learn how to do it yourself again and again and again… 

And with my ready-to-edit Template, designing your Lead Magnet couldn’t be easier!

what you will have to do

✔️  Follow instructions

✔️  Ask questions if you don’t understand

✔️  Take action and do the work between classes

✔️  Congratulate yourself for your results!!!

what you won't have to do

✔️  Miss out on opportunities to get leads and sell your offers

✔️  Scream at your screen because you don’t know what to do

✔️  Procrastinate & stay stuck on technical issues

✔️  Depend on a VA to design and set up your freebies

Hi, I’m Tissy!

I started my business in 2007, soon after I gave birth to my second daughter. I wanted a career that would give me the flexibility to spend time with my girls. Over the years, I trained in many modalities including Shiatsu, Massage and Beauty Therapy.  

As a solopreneur, I had to develop many skills such as Website & Graphics Design, Social Media Management and Content Creation. As you know yourself, it’s difficult nowadays to grow your business without having an online presence. 

The reason why I decided to learn these skills was simply that I couldn’t afford to pay someone else to do it for me. I also love being able to design, create and update anything myself, within my online ecosystem.

« Working with Tissy on creating my Leads Sequence has been a real pleasure. Her kindness, dedication and professionalism have made the whole experience easy and fun. Thank you so much for all your help! » Mary Glennon – Galway

What’s inside Zen Leads

✔️4 Video Tutorials where I cover EVERYTHING you need to learn to design your own lead magnet sequence, from the initial idea to the delivery.

✔️PDF Notes for each class which you can download for reference

✔️ Canva Template of the Lead Magnet you’re going to design – all you need to do is edit it with your text, colours and fonts + TUTORIAL

✔️ Lifetime Access on a Private Membership Site

VALUE €397

Here’s what we will cover:

1 -Zen Outlining

In this class, I introduce the type of Lead Magnet we’re going to create and invite you to outline it.

2 – Zen Crafting

I take you through the next steps of crafting your product.

3 – Zen Designing

In this session, I share with you my beautiful Lead Magnet Template and show you exactly how to edit it and where to find gorgeous and free royalty-free pictures.

4 – Zen Delivering 

In this class, we go through all the steps of delivering your Lead Magnet automatically – whether you want to give it or sell it. From creating a Landing Page or Sign up Box to connecting it to an Autoresponder, delivering your Lead Magnet won’t be a secret to you after this tutorial.

BONUS #1 Canva Template of a Sign-Up Box (Value: €27)

This template is there if you want to design a personalised sign-up box for your website. It’s fully customisable to your brand.

BONUS #2 Template of a simple Landing Page (value €27)

This will help you crafting your Landing Page either on your autoresponder or your website.

BONUS #3 Canva Course (€97)

That’s where you can ask any questions if you’re stuck in relation to this course! No need to feel lonely or overwhelm, I’m here to help you.

BONUS #4 Access to the Private Support Group (Priceless!)

That’s where you can ask any questions if you’re stuck in relation to this course! No need to feel lonely or overwhelm, I’m here to help you.

Total Value €548 and plus

>> Today’s Price €47 <<

Get Zen Leads TODAY before the price goes up!

« I cannot recommend Tissy highly enough for her knowledge regarding tech issues. I asked her create for me a Lead Magnet and Offer Sequence which she produced very professionally and which brought me in (to my surprise) more clients than I thought I would get. I would not hesitate to learn from her if you get a chance. Virginia G – UK

> What kind of business is Zen Leads meant for? 

I mostly work with Wellness Entrepreneurs but any business that needs to learn how to create and deliver a Lead Magnet easily will benefit of this course.

> What’s exactly inside Zen Leads?

You will get 4 Video Trainings, PDF Notes, Canva Templates, access to the Private FB Support Group where you can ask any questions regarding this course AND a FREE Canva Course worth €97.

> How much time is required to build my own Lead Sequence following Zen Leads? 

You should have it done within a weekend.

> I’m not techy at all, in fact, I really struggle with technology. Will this still work for me? 

Absolutely! I’m not techy either, I’ve taught myself over the years so I know exactly how you feel. I will show you what you need to do step by step and keep it very simple. Plus, I’ll be there every step of the way via the support group if you have any questions. 

> I’m on a low budget, will I have extra costs involved while using Zen Leads?

It depends on which autoresponder you use but I always try and source tools and solutions that are low cost and even free if possible. 

> What kind of support can I get if I get stuck? 

I am available on the support group. 

> Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this product being digital, I do not offer refunds. But if you have any questions before purchasing, do not hesitate to reach out by email at

Get Zen Leads today before the price goes up!

Are you ready to design a Lead Magnet  Sequence that you feel proud of ?

Here’s the truth…I know first hand the grind of actually crafting a lead sequence from scratch… it takes time, discipline, creativity and well…it’s not the most fun thing when we don’t know where to start or what to do when things go wrong… 

That’s why we often prefer going to a professional… 

But the problem is that paying a VA or designer every time we want to attract new clients with a freebie or an offer can be quite costly over time. As well as that, we’re never REALLY in control!

So if you’re looking to get your offer online within your budget and your tech skills, then let me help you believe in yourself, that YOU are capable of designing your own Lead Sequence when you learn the process in Zen Leads. I’ve broken it down and given away all my secrets so you can build your Lead Sequence easily, quickly and effortlessly.

I can’t wait to show you!

Tissy x